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Genres: Drama , Romance
Actors: Heather Goldenhersh , Charlie Cox , Kris Marshall , Zuleikha Robinson , Lynn Collins , Joseph Fiennes , Jeremy Irons , Al Pacino , Mackenzie Crook , John Sessions , Gregor Fisher , Ron Cook , Allan Corduner , Anton Rodgers , David Harewood
Director: Michael Radford
Country: United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Italy, United States
Year: 2004
IMDB Rating: 7.1/10 (22098 votes)

Venice, 1596. Melancholy Antonio loves the youthful Bassanio, so when Bassanio asks for 3000 ducats, Antonio says yes before knowing it’s to sue for the hand of Portia. His capital tied up in merchant ships at sea, Antonio must go to Shylock, a Jewish moneylender he reviles. Shylock wraps his grudge in kindness, offering a three-month loan at no interest, but if not repaid, Antonio will owe a pound of flesh. The Jew’s daughter elopes with a Christian, whetting Shylock’s hatred. While Bassanio’s away wooing Portia, Antonio’s ships founder, and Shylock demands his pound of flesh. With court assembled and a judgment due, Portia swings into action to save Bassanio’s friend. Written by In the Sixteenth Century, there was a great intolerance against Jews. In 1596, in the liberal Venice, Bassanio asks for a large amount to his friend, the merchant Antonio, to travel to Belmont and propose the gorgeous Portia. Antonio has invested all his money in his ships and borrows from the usurer Shylock, who proposes an unusual bond: if Antonio does not pay the money without any interest three months later, he might receive one pound of his flesh instead, at his choice. When Shylock’s daughter Jessica runs away home with all his money and jewels, he becomes furious. Meanwhile, the load of Antonio sinks with three different vessels and he is not able to pay his debts with Shylock, and the Jew goes to court of Venice claiming the execution of his deal. In spite of many requests, his tough heart does not accept any other agreement further than the one established in their contract.

Film Review

This is a beautifully made film, and Al Pachino as Shylock is simply magnificent. I have noticed that Pachino has been taking a number of roles in Shakespeare plays, one of the others that I have seen is where he plays Richard III in Looking for Richard. Being able to effectively play a Shakespearian character is quite a task and I must say that both Pachino and Irons do a magnificent job.The setting is period, meaning that we are in Venice in the 14th century. However Shakespeare's understanding of the Venetian government is quite limited. I note he refers to the Duke of Venice, however Venice did not have a royal family per se, but was rather a republic that was ruled by an elected official (the Doge). The movie though tends to follow through with the play, though I noted that with Othello they did have the ruler of Venice dressed as the Doge would have been dressed.I will not go into details regarding the plot as I believe that the plot is quite familiar anyway. However, it re…

In his film adaptation of 'The Merchant of Venice', director Michael Radford succeeds admirably in translating Shakespeare's theatrical prose into a more cinematic setting. However, this particular play presents problems, because of its reputation for anti-Semitism, in it's story of a rich Jewish moneylender who demands the death of a creditor out of spite. In fact, however, the story is more nuanced. Shylock is played masterfully by Al Pacino, who of course starred in 'The Godfather'; and there's something of Marlon Brando's character in that film that Shylock reminded me of, a man who prefers "friendship" with menaces to a strictly business transaction. Shylock's desire is monstrous, but he is also a man often slighted, acutely aware of the racist hypocrisies of the society he lives in, and ultimately denied justice by a rigged court; defeated, he appears pathetic (a man who underestimated the true weakness of his position), but not a fi…

Al Pacino is a great actor. It is a truism. But in this adaptation he is the central piece of a sophisticated jewel. His Shylock is an expected role and this thing is powerful in film. Every nuance and every gestures, form of every word is grinding of Shakespeare's character. The work is not solitary but after the end the taste is of honey's interpretation of Pacino. Demonstration of great art, Shylock is diagnosis of our world, with its rules and freedom's slices, political correctness and lakes of hypocrisy. Shylock is real in the hands of Al Pacino; and this fact is essential. For understand the reality as flash of fiction, for see the art as definition of truth as way to be.


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